Gregory Leslie

Contact details:
+61 2 9385 6092

Professor Greg Leslie School of Chemical Engineering

Research interest


My research team work on water and nutrient recycling

We use experimental and numerical modelling techniques to improve the performance of membrane processes to recycle water and nutrients from municipal and industrial waste

We critically examine the performance of polymeric and ceramic membranes in desalination, water recycling, biofuels and meat abattoir applications.

Why did you get into engineering?

I enjoy solving problems

What are your research goals?

Reduce the environmental footprint of water, food and biofuel sectors

Advice for prospective chemical engineers

Chemical engineering provides a solid platform for a variety of careers. The principles of process plant design can be applied in almost any industry

Lectures/Courses taught

4th year (Capstone) Design Project CEIC 4001

3rd year process design (Flow Sheets, Simulations, Economics and Safety) CEIC 3005

2nd year heat and mass transfer CEIC 2002

Number currently in lab:

2 Postdocs 5 PhD Students

Number graduated:

3 Masters 4 PhD Students

Current Student Projects:

Keng Han Tng – Mechanical Reliability of Water Recycling Systems

Amos Branch - Towards guidelines for MBR validation

David Grant - Use of ceramic membrane for water reuse and energy recovery in broiler abattoirs

Xuefei Liu Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling of MBR Systems

Zenah Bradford-Hartke Phosphorus recovery from wastewater plants

Looking for students for projects related to:

Management of biorefinery waste. Computational Fluid Dynamics in Membrane Systems

Professional Organisations and Consulting positions

Member Institute of Chemical Engineering

Awards, Grants, Patents


Finalist, New Inventors, ABC TV program for ‘RO sub surface drip irrigation system’ (2011)

Co-recipient, Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Water Innovation, (2010)

Water Issues Committee, National Health and Medical Research Council  (2007 – 2009)

Water Group, Prime Ministers Science Engineering and Innovation Council (2007)

Expert Review Panel, California Department of Health Services, (2004 – 2012)

Technical Committee Desalination Guideline, World Heath Organisation (2004 -2006)

Lead Process Designer, Singapore NEWater System (2001-2003)

Project Advisory Committee American Water Works Research Foundation (1998-2002)

Most Outstanding Technical Paper, American Desalting Association (1996)

Elected to the College of Fellows, Institute for the Advancement of Engineering (1995)

Exemplary Service Award from the Orange County Engineering Council (1995)

Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Water Research Institute (1994)


Australian Research Council/Discovery Project (2013-2016) Characterising nanostructure functionality of conventional and advanced polymeric membranes using electrical impedance spectroscopy.

Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) (2012-2015) Development of innovative spent wash treatment systems and resource recovery options for distillery applications.