Membrane Digital Library

National Digital Membrane Library (NDML)

The UNESCO Membrane Centre has collaborated with the UNSW Library Repository Services staff to successfully develop a National Digital Membrane Library (NDML) ( The NDML, also known as MemRE, was funded by the CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country flagship project “Advanced Membrane Technologies for Water Treatment Research Cluster”. The NDML contains more than 1500 references related to desalination and membranes generated in the last 30 years. It contains a data base of membrane materials and a wiki to describe the various properties and characterisation methods available for reverse osmosis membranes. 

Online knowledge support tool for national desalination plants

Funded by National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (NCEDA), UCMST has developed an on-line knowledge support tool containing information on current desalination plants with links to reference material contained in the National Digital Membrane Library and a suite of targeted information modules for operators that draws on research outputs from existing NCEDA projects. 

UCMST Research Showcase Poster Collections

A collection of posters showing Centre's research activities and projects can be found here