Project Areas

Project Areas

The Centre has over the years established a network of technician liason and collaboration within Australia as well as globally. 

Over the last 10 years, the Centre has significant growth and expanded in six areas, namely,

  • Membrane material development
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Food and agricuture
  • Process design and modelling
  • Greenhouse gas technology
  • Bio-separation technology

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Project Areas

The Centre has invested significant funding and resources over the last few years to develop several technology platforms for the development of new membrane materials, four fouling mitigation, degradation of trace micropollutant, and novel applications.. Find out more
With increased pressure on our water supplies and the increased value of water from a commercial perspective the last decade has seen membranes used in water treatment move from being a niche technology to a fundamental unit in the treatment process... Find out more
Food and Agriculture
Membrane filtration is state-of-the-art technology for clarification, fractionation and concentration within the food industry, and the Centre has had a long history of membrane research in this are, in particular, with the dairy industry and this relationship continues with an ongoing collaborations with Dairy Innovation Australia.. Find out more

Coarse bubble aeration

We use advanced modelling techniquestogether with state-of-the-art experimental characterisation techniques to optimise the design of membrane module and large scale water and wastewater treatment plants.. Find out more
CO2 reactor
In the topical area of CO2 capture, the Centre as devoted significant resources in the last few years, as the gas separation membrane process offers a unique set of benefits over the existing amine solvent absorption process for CO2 separation and capture.. Find out more
Conventional membrane processes struggle to function at the limits of very high viscosity and high solid feeds faced in bioseparations applications such as biomass, biofuels and food processing. Centre looks at novel methods for fouling control during bio-separations, as well as developing and optimising microbial separation processes through collaborations with UNSW bioMASS lab... Find out more