Academic Staff

Professor Greg Leslie

Director, Centre for Membrane Science & Technology

    • Indirect Potable Reuse & Water Recycling
    • Seawater Desalination
    • Membrane Autopsy and Failure Analysis
    • Membrane Plant Design and Operation

Professor Vicki Chen

Head of School, Chemical Engineering

    • Development of Novel Membrane Material
    • Use of Membranes for Carbon Capture & Storage
    • Fouling Limitation and Mitigation Strategies
    • Membrane Distillation and Crystallisation

Associate Professor Pierre Le-Clech

    • Membrane Bio reactors (MBRs)
    • Forward Osmosis
    • Optimisation of Desalination Pre-treatment
    • Novel Reuse of Old Membranes

Dr. Rita Henderson (bioMASS Lab)

    • Drinking and Recycled Water Treatment
    • Treatment of Algae and Organic Matter
    • Low Pressure Membrane Pre-treatment for Desalination 

Dr. Francisco Trujillo (Food Science & Technology)

    • Computational Fluid Dynamics and mathematical modelling in food applications
    • Ultrasonic Vibration Processing
    • Innovative Food Processing Technologies