The UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology (CMST) have been a leading provider of membrane autopsy and cleaning services for over 15 years and has conducted more than 100 autopsies with clients ranging from pilot-scale industrial wastewater systems to large municipal water treatment plants.
Membrane autopsies are an important tool for determining causes of fouling events in membrane systems. When conducting an autopsy it is usually on the premise that the fouling management process has failed and the aim of the autopsy is to identify the root cause of the fouling event and provide some recommendation on how to correct or manage it.
Recently the Centre has partnered with commercial provider Membrane Works for assistance with the delivery of all of our membrane autopsy and consultancy services. Autopsies carried out by Membrane Works are still conducted at the centre with our world-class analytical equipment and facilities and supported by our expert staff.
For a formal quote or more information please go to the Membrane Works website (